landscape patio being formed during construction with workers installing rebar near Pasadena

a landscape site plan for a project near Pasadena

beautiful potted plant next to a rustic wooden gate on a flagstone patio in Rancho Santa Fe

aloe-maculata in a Mediterranean planting with sedums, Mexican poppy, and saltillo tile in Los Angeles
















































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Our Services


CBL provides landscape design services to residential home owners. We provide ‘Turn Key’ services by taking projects from conception to successful completion.

Services Provided:

  • * Comprehensive Landscape Design
  • * Landscape Management
  • * Landscape Consultation
  • * Landscape Sustainability Audit
  • * Living roof & living wall design


Description of Services:




CBL provides “Turn-key” landscape design solutions to residential home owners.

This service includes:

  • * Providing fully-detailed landscape plans [includes all architectural (hardscape) elements, listing of all landscape (softscape) materials w/materials description document, and plant palette w/species description document]
  • * Production of 3-D models of proposed projects
  • * Creation of hand-drawn architectural drawings and sketches
  • * Development of a project costs document
  • * Facilitating the landscape installation process (ensuring the construction and installation of each client’s landscape results in a successful project that meets and/or exceeds the client’s expectations)

We are capable of working seamlessly with a previously assembled group of construction and design professionals. We can also recommend a talented group of licensed professionals that we regularly work with, that do quality work at a very competitive price. CBL also has a cadre of talented artisans that are able to create one-of-kind landscape elements and art pieces for our projects.

We have designed projects that include pools, spas, outdoor kitchens; dining & lounge areas; as well as patios; walkways; terraces; trellises; and fireplaces. We also design unique water elements that include fountains, ponds, streams, and pondless waterfalls.

Our projects have also included the following ‘GREEN’ landscape elements: living roofs; living walls, rain water catchment systems; most efficient irrigation systems; LED lighting systems; green building and landscape materials; as well as organic vegetable gardens.

CBL design drought tolerant gardens in almost any landscape style including (but not limited to): tropical; sub-tropical; modern; forest; desert; succulent, Japanese; English; French; and Mediterranean (Spanish; Italian; Mid-eastern, Australian, & California native).

This service also includes a free initial design consultation.




CBL manages our client’s landscape maintenance efforts by providing the following services:

  • * Development of detailed seasonally-based landscape management plans (specifically developed for each client’s garden describing what maintenance tasks need to provided to the client’s property each month throughout the year; how to prune & fertilize each plant species, pest management protocols, irrigation/drainage/lighting maintenance protocols, and other landscape ‘best practices’ protocols)
  • * Training of gardening crews on how to best implement the landscape management
  • * Landscape Assessments (a written professional document that includes plant health, pest management, soil analysis, irrigation/drainage/lighting systems evaluation, and other landscape ‘best practices’)




CBL meets clients at their home to perform site evaluations and to make recommendations to homeowner regarding design, garden health, landscape integrity, garden maintenance, and other landscaping issues.


a Formal Italian garden with trellis, fountain, knot garden, patio, balustrades, urns, and boxwood near Pasaden



CBL performs an assessment of existing conditions on our client’s landscape such as plant palette, irrigation system, outdoor lighting systems, climate, microclimate, soil analysis, site topography, site run-off/infiltration/drainage system, regional/local ecology, habitat opportunities for beneficial wildlife species, existing fertilization practices, pest management practices. We then make recommendations on how to address and improve the environmental sustainability of our client’s landscapes.

Our sustainability recommendations will include:

  • * Reducing landscape water use and energy consumption
  • * Improving soil and plant health with by implementing organic fertilization program based directly on soil testing & analysis
  • * Implementing an effective non-toxic pest management program
  • * Recommendations on plant selection to improve sustainability
  • * Improving water/soil infiltration and decrease run-off
  • * Reducing point, and non-point pollution from your property
  • * Improving habitat for beneficial wildlife species, especially for birds and butterflies!




CBL works with an experienced team of design and construction professionals that can take your living roof and wall project from conception to successful completion. Our team designs and builds extraordinary architectural living landscapes that are tailored specifically to design needs of the client, the project site, and the surrounding regional environment. If you are considering a living roof and wall for your home or property, please contact us and allow our team to turn your vision into reality.

As you can see, no matter what your landscape needs is - we are here to serve you. Please contact CBL landscapes with any landscape questions you may have, or to set up free design consultation. We will be happy to help you!

Our primary service region includes Los Angeles, Orange, San Diego, as well as Ventura, and Santa Barbara Counties. However, we work in other areas as well, so please contact us if you have a project outside the five California counties listed above.


sketch of living roof and dry garden landscape with succulents in Ojai


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