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Vista Moderna

Santa Monica, CA

We developed a modern California garden path with pavers, synthetic turf, modern outdoor furniture, garden balls and bamboo. View Gallery


La Casa Grande

Santa Monica, CA

We developed a sub-tropical garden that emphasized the use of drought-tolerant succulents along and subtropical specimen plantings to compliment this lovely newly-remodeled Spanish Colonial home. Both natural and modern planting designs were incorporated into the overall landscape design. View Gallery

Jardin de la Luz

Santa Monica, CA

We created a Spanish Colonial garden that combined traditional southern European plantings, California natives, and other Mediterranean specimens along with decorative cobble, antique olive jars, and a pillared light post. View Gallery

Mia Italia

Sierra Madre, CA

Inspired by the historic gardens of Northern Italy, we designed a stately multi-terraced Italian renaissance garden that redirected the eye away from the new subdivided property line and onto the fountains, patios, and knot gardens by the use of focused viewscapes, scale, and perspective. View Gallery

Pacifica Niwa

Santa Monica, CA

‘Pacifica Niwa’ was created under the canopy of existing redwoods in a relatively small- sized garden. We laid a natural rock trail that follows a looping, meandering path through an existing redwood and conifer grove of trees. View Gallery

Rancho de Limon

Rancho Santa Fe, CA

“Rancho de Limon’ is an Incredible Rancho Santa Fe Spanish Colonial estate that we redesigned with a mix of Mediterranean and sub-tropical plantings. We are incorporating modern and historic landscape styles together to create a classic Southern California garden for the new millennium. View Gallery

Council House Green Roof Project

Ojai, CA

The Ojai Foundation is nestled on 40-acres in the foothills below Topa Topa Mountain near Ojai, CA. Programs include council trainings for individuals, families and groups, as well as rites of passage for high school seniors. View Gallery


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